Series 6720 : Mobile Diesel Dispenser
For Tankers / Bouzers / Refueling Vehicles
The Fluidyne Series 6720 : Mobile Diesel Dispenser is a compact dispensing solution for diesel dispensing on construction and mining sites. 24V DC operation and a tamper proof metering unit makes for a very attractive device for conserving precious diesel fuel and controlling pilferage on construction/mining sites.

Specification Sheet

Flow Capacity : 0 - 60 LPM
Accuracy : ± 0.5% of reading
Supply Voltage : 24V DC from vehicle battery
Batch Display : 12mm Height LCD 999.99 Litres
Cumulatative Display : 8mm height LCD 99999999 Litres
Filter Mesh : 150 Micron SS Mesh Reusable Type
Hose Nozzle : 1” R3 Grade Rubber, 5 Meter Long 3/4” Shut off Nozzle
High capacity vane pump for diesel dispensing.
High accuracy P. D. Flowmeter for measurement.
Built in reusable large capacity filter.
3/4 size Shut off nozzle for filling.
Pad locking facility for nozzle.
Resetable Batch and Cumulative Totaliser.
Self Powered Display.
24V DC vehicle battery operation.
Rugged construction to suit harsh environments.

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