Series 6700 : Industrial Dispensers
For Automobile Assembly lines
Fluidyne Industrial Dispensers provide fast and highly accurate measure of filling a variety of lube oils, transmission fluids & coolant on final assembly line of cars, heavy vehicles & two wheelers. Split second adaptibility for multiple vehicle model on a single filling station with PLC control system coupled with a process capability Cp/Cpk > 1.66 provides an ideal solution to the needs of modern automotive assembly lines.

Specification Sheet
Dispensing Flow : 0.01 Ltr per batch Cp/Cpk > 1.66
Dispensing Accuracy : 1.0% of reading
Batch Selector Keys : 0.01Ltr-999.99Ltr User Selectable
Liquid Input : From barrels/Overhead Tanks/Built in Storage Tank
Built in Tanks : 8250 L/400 L/600 L/900 L Capacity
Control System : a)PLC : Omron/Mitsubishi/Messung/Siemens make
b)MMI : Omron/Biejer/Messung/Siemens make
Data Storage : 10 year shut down condition
Batch Quantity Selector : a) Manual selection
b) Selection thro Barcode Reader
Dispensing Gun : Pneumatically operated high capacity zero drip
Power Supply : 3 Phase 415V10% 50Hz
Used oil collection & Filteration System Dripless Nozzle
Accuracy guaranteed to 0.01 ltr per batch filling.
Cp/Cpk >1.66 for filling all types of liquids.
Built in double filtration of 150 micron.
Zero drip high capacity filling gun with customized spout.
Finger tip Start / Emr. stop function on the filling gun.
Built in air separator for barrel transfer application.
Evacuate and fill type system for clutch, brake, power steering and radiator filling.

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