Series 6692 : Mobile Fuel Monitoring System
For Construction / Mining / Transportation Industry
Installation on Excavators / Tippers / Cranes / Hyva / Loaders / Dumpers
The Series 6692 Fuel Monitoring System is a unique innovative product specially designed to provide accurate highly reliable information on complete fuel Consumption and run hrs. of diesel driven machinery. The system offers an excellent solution to monitor fuel misuse, pilferage, low utilization of machines and low operating efficiency of diesel driven machinery.

Specification Sheet
Parameters measured for each engine working session : Fuel Consumed in Litres
Engine Working Hrs

Choice of Fuel Flow Sensor
: For High Pressure
Fuel Injected Engines of
all makes
Capacity 15 - 180 HP

6650 : For High Pressure
Fuel Injected Engines
all makes
Capacity 100 - 1500 HP

6622 : For Cummins PT Fuel System
based Engines
Capacity 50- 2000 HP

Accurately measures and logs net fuel consumed
Measures and logs engine Run Hrs.
Data transfer thro RS485 Serial MODBUS Communication Output.
12 V DC operation on engine cranking battery.
Choice of fuel sensor to suit all types of Engines.
Direct transmission of data from vehicle to on board Automation System.

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