Series 6625 : Genset Efficiency Monitoring System
For Diesel /LDO Powered Gensets- 50-1500 KVA Capacity LT Systems
The Series 6625 : Genset Efficiency Monitor is a state of the art microcontroller based measurement concept which combines geneset fuel consumption and power output measurement in one single compact instrument. Apart from dispaying the live on line genset efficiency in Units/Litre,it provides logged data transmission on a RS485 link to a remote PC, completely automating genset efficiency monitoring, a most vital need in power house management.

  Specification Sheet
Flow Measurement : ± 0.5% of reading
Energy Measurement : ± 1.0% of reading
Efficiency : 9.99 Unit/Liter.
Load : 9999 kw.
Fuel Rate : 999 LPH
Units Tantalizer : 9999999.9 KWH
Fuel Tantalizer : 9999999.9 Liters.
Hrs. Tantalizer : 999999.99 hrs.
Real Time : DD/MM/YY Date.
  HH/MM/SS Time.
Inputs : Fuel Flow Signal from Fuel Monitor.
  CT/PT Input from Genset Panel.
  Genset ON/OFF Signal from Engine
  ON/OFF Transducer.
Communication : RS485 Communication link to PC.
  RS485-RS232 Convertor for link to PC
  COM port.
PC Report : Genset Daily Log Report in Excel format.
Power supply : AC 230v 50Hz mains supply.
Default Display
Directly interfaces with Fluidyne `Genset Fuel Monitor’ for Fuel Measurement.
Measures net fuel consumption for 50-1500 KVA Gensets.
Built in Energy Transducer for energy measurement.
Displays dynamic on line efficiency in Units/Litre for each Litre consumed.
Directly interfaces with Engine ON/OFF Transduser for run hrs logging.
Displays resetable & cumulative totaliser for Units,Liters & Engine Run Hrs.
Built in Real time clock for data logging on 24 hr basis for all parameters.
Logged data transmission to remote PC on RS485 communication link.
Software utility for PC provided to view logged data in Excel format.
Provision for daisy chaining sixteen monitors to one single PC.
Daily Log Reports

Tanker Unloading
Genset Fuel Consumption
Boiler / Furnace Fuel consumption
Vehicle / Forklift refueling
Lube Oil / Solvent issues
Test cell Fuel Consumption
Assembly Line Fuel / Oil Dispensing
Solvent / Chemical Transfer to reactors
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