Series 7110 : Barrel Unloading System
For accurate measurement during unloading barrels.
Diesel / Kerosene / Solvent Applications
The series 7110 is specially designed for accurate measurement of liquid fuels such as diesel, kerosene and solvents during unloading from barrels. Accurate flow measurement is the only solution to checking the dip rod measurement standard on barrels. The system offers excellent protection against pilferage and short supply normally encountered in this application.

Specification Sheet

Flow Capacity : 25 LPM
Accuracy : Better than 0.5%
Flow Meter Type : Positive Displacement - Rotary Piston
Pump Type : Gear Pump
Motor : 1HP 3* 440V power supply
Air Separator : High capacity Port size
Display : 5 digit LCD 1999.9 litre resettable
8 digit 8mm LCD 999999.9 litre non resettable
Barrel Suction Tube : 1 Metal pipe
Trolley : Fabricated steel with center wheel.
Filter : 150 Micron reusable.
Suction Hose : 1, 3 Meter long Rubber Hose
High accuracy positive displacement flow sensor for measurement.
1 HP Gear Pump for decanting barrel within 10min.
High capacity air separator for maintaining accuracy.
Construction ensures system is fully primed at all times.
LCD display for easy readability.
Weather proof and flame proof electrical fitting.
Convenient metal barrel suction tube with hose provided.
Left over liquid in barrel is less than half a litre.
Convenient mobile trolley mounted for portability.
RS 485 Serial output for PLC interface optional.

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