Series 6730 : Preset Batching System
For Batch Production with Chemicals / Solvents / Fuels / Lubricants
The Series 6730 Batching System is designed for dispensing exact preset quantities of liquids to reactors, storage tanks, batch reactor vessels etc. Choice of pneumatically or electrically activated ON/OFF valves and weather proof or flame proof batch controller makes the system ideal for liquid batching application where automatic cut off action coupled with high accuracy is essential.

Specification Sheet

Flow Range 1” size - 2400 LPH Max.
1 ” size - 6000 LPH Max.
2” size - 12000 LPH Max.
Batching Accuracy 0.5% of reading
Flowmeter Fluidyne Make Rotary Piston Type
Material of Construction -
Wetted Part - SS316
Rotary Piston - Peek

Filter Element -
150 Micron Seals built in.
Material of construction a) Non wetted parts - SS316
b) Wetted Parts - SS316L
ON/OFF Valve 1) Pneumatically Actuated -1” /1 ” /2” size

- Audco Ball Valve
Threaded/ANSI 15O flanged

- Avcon / Crane Double
or Single Acting

2) Electrically actuated
- Avcon pilot operated make diaphragm SS constructed.

Coil Voltage - AC 230V / DC 24V
Batch Controller Make - Fluidyne

Type - Micro controller Based

Display - 8 2 Dot matrix LCD back light display

Parameter Display -
Preset Batch Qty - Litre
Delivered Batch Qty. - Liter
Cumulative Totaliser - Litre
Instantaneous Flow Rate - LPH

Relay Output - 2 Nos. 1/CO

Enclosure -
a) Weather Proof to IP 54
b) Flame Proof / Weather Proof
to IS 2148 1981 1981 suitable for Gr IIA & Gr IIB area.
Weather Proof to IP65.
Stainless steel AISI 316 / Teflon wetted parts.
High accuracy positive displacement flowmeter.
Pneumatic / Electrically operated on/off valves.
Weather Proof Batch Controller for non hazardous areas.
Flame Proof and Weather Proof batch controller for hazardous areas.
Batching accuracy better than ± 0.5% of reading.
Remote mounting of batch controller possible.
Diagnostic alarm for empty pipe line condition.

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