Series 6630 : Genset Electrical Parameter And Efficiency Monitoring System
Measurement of Electrical Parameters / Fuel Consumption / Efficiency & Working Hrs.
The Series 6630 is a unique concept which has combined all electrical parameters of power generation with flow measurement of fuel consumed in one single instrument. Additionally it also displays the online efficiency of the genset in kwhr/litres which is the ratio of units produced per litre diesel consumed.

 Specification Sheet
Display LCD, 4 rows, 4 digits
Lowest 8 digit for Energy / Fuel / Hrs.
Bar graph representation of current.
Input Type a) 3 3/4 wire, 2 3wire, 1 2 wire
b) Pulse input from Fuel Consumption Monitor
Input Voltage 19 to 519V AC (phase to phase) 50/60 Hz
11 to 300V AC (phase to phase) 50/60 Hz
Input Current 1A / 5A Max (External CT for current more than 5A)
Resolution For Energy - 0.01K, 0.1K, 1K, 0.01M, 1M, 10M
( Depending on CT ratio PT ratio)
For Power, Voltage, Current - Auto Resolution
For Power Factor - 0.001
For Fuel Consumption - 0.1 litre
For Engine Run Time - 1.0 minutes
For Efficiency - 0.01 kwh/lit.
Measuring Parameters Voltage (P-P/P-N) (Individual / Average)
Current (I1, I2, I3) (Individual / Average)
Power Factor (Individual / Average)
Active, Reactive, Apparent Power
(Individual / Total)
Active, Reactive, Apparent Energy (Total)
Fuel Consumed (Total)
Run Time Hrs (Total)
Efficiency (Instantaneous)
Accuracy Voltage ( L-N / L-L ), Current = 0.5% of FS
Power Factor - 0.01% PF
Frequency - 0.1% For V>20V L-N
V>25V L-L
Power ( KW, KVA, KVAR) - Class 1
Active Energy - Class 1
Reactive Energy - Class 1
Apparent Energy - Class 1
Fuel - ---0.5% of reading
Run Time - ---0.1% of reading
CT Secondary Programmable between 1A-5A
CT Primary Programmable between 1A/5A to 10000 A
PT Primary Programmable between 100V to 5000V
PT Secondary 100V - 500V AC (Phase to Phase)
* Fuel Consumption Monitor : Model LHP for 5HP to150HP engines
Model MHP for 50HP -1500HP Fuel injected engines
Model HHP for 50HP -1500HP Cummins engines
Measures all electrical parameters ( V, I, f, P, F, KW, KVA, KVAR, Kwh)
Measures fuel consumed in litres.
Measures genset efficiency Units/litre (kwh/litre)
Large LCD back light display for easy viewing
Compact size 96 96 suitable for any panel size
Programmable CT / PT ratio
RS 485 MODBUS communication output

Tanker Unloading
Genset Fuel Consumption
Boiler / Furnace Fuel consumption
Vehicle / Forklift refueling
Lube Oil / Solvent issues
Test cell Fuel Consumption
Assembly Line Fuel / Oil Dispensing
Solvent / Chemical Transfer to reactors
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