Series 6622 : Fuel Consumption Monitor
For Cummins Engines / Gensets with PT Fuel System Models NT / NTA / KT / KTA / VTA / KV Introduction
The Fuel Consumption Monitor is compact fuel flow measuring system specially designed to suit Cummins Engines with PT Fuel System for monitoring the net fuel consumption of stationary equipment like engines, gensets, pumpsets, compressors etc. After accounting for the return fuel from the engine. The unit is provided with a 24V DC powered Flow Indicator which ensures accuracy with a variety of fuels under all operating conditions.

  Specification Sheet
Flow Range : 12 - 500 LPH
Accuracy : :± 0.5% of reading
Service : HSD / LDO
Operating Temperature : 0 - 70 ºC
Display : 8 digit dot matrix LCD.
  Fuel Totaliser : 999999.9 Ltrs..
  Engine Run Time : 9999.99 Hrs.
Filter Element : 25 Micron Replaceable.
Power Supply : 12V DC from cranking battery
Mountinge : MS fabricated frame for ground mounting of unit
Pressure Drop : <1” of Hg at 500 LPH on Diesel Service
Engine Run Time Switch : Mounting : On Oil Gallery
Accuracy guaranteed over 12-500 LPH consumption.
Accuracy guaranteed over 12-500 LPH flow range
Measures net fuel consumption
Ensures return fuel deareation for Cummins PT system.
HSD, LDO compatible.
Gravity head not required for operation
24 V DC powered
Built it in filter

Tanker Unloading
Genset Fuel Consumption
Boiler / Furnace Fuel consumption
Vehicle / Forklift refueling
Lube Oil / Solvent issues
Test cell Fuel Consumption
Assembly Line Fuel / Oil Dispensing
Solvent / Chemical Transfer to reactors
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